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Many thanks. Is it  possible to obtain divisors also reduced to last few digits for such huge numbers as 3^123456789?

@Adam Ledger 

I mean to turn them to a rectangular or a polar form. As to the imaginary part I cannot say exactly because I am not a specialist. Any possible imaginary part.

@Adam Ledger 

Is it possible to replace the fractions of this row by complex numbers?


Actually it is a row of ascending fifths. I just used them as an example. I want to know how one should generally proceed to make Maple analize a sequence.

I want to specify that initially only a sequence is known. How to make Maple analize it and define an underlying principle?

When I try to proceed logs: > (521*ln(3)+ln(2))/ln(2);

the output simply doubles the input in blue colour. How to get the result in n decimal form?

Yes, the solution is unique but if I process solve(3.0^665/2^x=y,x);

I receive the exotic output 1.442695041ln(0.1930342571 10^318/y)

Actually the answer is x =1054. Is there a possibility to receive a more definite output?

But if I want to indicate that y is more than 1 and less than 2?

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