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These are questions asked by geio

i need to write a program for my calculator to solve these eqution 

Vr =any number i enter it

Ir =any number i enter it

L= any number i enter it 

Z= any number i enter it

Y=any number i enter it

w=sqr (ZxY)

Zc= sqr (Z\Y)

A=D= cosh wL

B=Zc sinh wL

C= (1\Zc) sinh wL

Vs = AxVr + BxIr

Is = CxVr + DxIr

Vs= the number we get from the Vs eqution 

Ir = the...

i want to solve a complex number useing sharp 9900 for example : cosh (7+j19) ......

so tell me how to write a program for solve this ???? or tell me how to solve it by sharp 9900 ????

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