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This is regarding using  (ArrayTools) IsEqual ?

If I have two arrays  each 3 dimensional, and i want to comapre certain arrays out of them.

eg., consider  Array   A(1..n,1..m,1..p).

if i compare A[1][2] to A[2][5]  (each of which must have 100 elements). using ArrayTools(IsEqual) then this command gives a wrong answer?

Exactly I used the command 

                                       IsEqual(A[1][2] , A[2][5])

                               I have already declared the array in the following way     A:=Array(1..n,1..m,1..p)

What would u suggest, am i going in the coorect direction or there is a different command for this.

Plz. help


i have got two simultaneous equations as shown in the following example

sol := solve({x^3+y+1 = 0, y^2+x+1 = 0}, [x, y]);

[[x = -1, y = 0],....]]

i want to pass each of the values for x and y to a matrix for performing other calculations...the elements of which require squaring and other powers of the value obtained from above equation...how to achieve that...since the solution is in form of equality, what i am able to achieve at most is the following


x = -1
upon squaring this value of x(which is required in the afore mentioned matrix) the ouput is as follows

Error, (in simpl/reloprod) invalid terms in product


any ideas how to achieve  that...

how can i save a sequence of very high precison value in a file in maple? preferably as an array .


thanks Dough i have been dealing with an array of size 3*3 etc. The total no. of plots that I want to save are 9 or 6. Saving it using export -> format of ur choice etc saves just one element of the array (i.e. one plot at a time). I need a way to save a large set of plot and make it look the way I desire. Can u suggest some way to resolve this problem. The problem is with the axes labels, legends, title etc.. hyder
my problem was "how to save an arrayplot as an eps file " which was removed by using "plotsetup", for which i'd like to thank alec. but now the difficulty is that the labels and legends that i give are not properly placed in the ps file, how to control them and how to control the labels for the axes they take random positions irrespective of their concerned axes. hyder
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