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Can one perform animation using the data file.

I want to animate the graph betweeen two variables say x and y, which I have stored in a data file. Does maple support any such operation?

I want to calculate iterates for the Logistic map using the maple's symbolic computation. e.g., 






In order to keep track of the error that builds up in each step.  But the main trouble is that it takes very long time to calculate the same even for 100 iterates. What could be the possible method to make my program efficient ? 

Please do not answer in terms of using high precision technique as I am more interested in doing it symbolically.


I am trying to solve a set of 4 coupled ordinary differential equations, starting from certain set of initial conditions for certain parameter values.  i have to evolve the system for a very long time (higher number of iterates are needed).

For a certain set of initial conditions the following error occurs

"Error, (in sol12) cannot evaluate the solution further right of 2939.9221, probably a singularity"

what could be the possible way to get rid of this error.......

If  we have two 1-dimensional arrays containing 'n' elements  each  and we want to compare the corresponding elements of the arrays (i.e., k th element of one array to the k th element of the other ). And the output that we are bothered about is that the corresponding element of both the arrays are equal (ie, one to one correspondence holds). Is there any simpler way to do this in maple. Somebody please help.


How can I save an array plot as an eps(or any other format) in maple. Right now when i am trying to do so it saves just one element, (using plot->export->encapsulated postscript etc...). How can I save the complete array as a single eps file.
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