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Hi all,

I wonder if it makes sense to use tables as datatype for efficient maple code. I need this datatype to pass parameters to a procedure which is called many times.

In particular, I have the following criteria:

* efficient (fast) to access for read and write.

* potentially thread save ( I can also imagine having individual copies for each thread)

* present in future Maple versions

* easy to transform into C-code later

I try to use MathMLViewer with OpenMaple. Similar works with plotting:

If I issue


Plots are shown nicely in a new java window.

But executing


results in the following error

Error, (in XMLTools:-ToString) could not initialize the Java Virtual Machine

What can I do to make it work?

Thanks a lot!

Dear all, I try to use threads in Maple 13 with Thread:-Create() and Thread:-Wait(). The worksheet works if I use no or just a single thread. One of the subroutines contains an fsolve command to find the zeros of some Function which involves special functions (LambertW). When I create two threads I get error messages such as `fsolve/StorePoint`, "invalid point dimension" and `fsolve/StorePoint`, "numeric exception: division by zero". Is the fsolve function not thread save? I tested, using stopwhen(...
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