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Hi, this is what I did and got an error. 


with (plots):

col := ["Red", "Green", "Blue", "Orange", "Teal", "Azure", "BlueViolet", "Yellow", "DarkOliveGreen", "DarkRed"]

for i from 1 to 10 do z [i]:=implicitplot (x^((1/(3)))* (y(x)^(2)+ 5* y(x)) + 3 *(x^(2)+y(x)^(2))*sin(xy(x)),  i^(),x = -10...10,  y= -20...20, color = col[i], numpoints = 2000) od:

Error, illegal use of an object as a name    ...

I was asked to derive the corresponding first order equation by differentiating this equation but I have no idea how to. Can someone help me thanks.


The equation I have to work with is x^(1/3)*(y(x)^2+5y(x)) + 3*(x^2+y(x)^2)*sin* (xy(x)) = k

Hi I attempted to plot this but failed... my instructor gave us a list of functions according to our name and when I put them together into an equation to plot I kept getting an error. I included the function list at the bottom. I am using DEtools:

Loading Student:-Calculus1


#tangent field for dy/dx = AB + CD where A -first letter of my name, B - second letter of my first name, C - first letter of my surname, D- second letter of my surname, which in my case (Tran Lam...

How do I open a Maple package that enables the tangent fields associated with first order odes to be calculated automatically?

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