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My professional experience 6 years into my career spans most aspects of electronics and electrical design. I've designed around and fixed problems in thermal performance, EMI, flyback power supplies, high voltage (mains) applications, low voltage transducers (CTs and shunt resistors), their analog processing, as well as various forms of FET and BJT drive circuitry.

My goals are to continue to master the fundamentals of good engineering, reliable design, and project management.

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Thanks!  I use convert(...,rational) frequently, but removing zeros is a good idea, too.  I wonder what Maple is doing internally, since evalb(0.2=0.20) returns true....evalb([0.2]=[0.20]) is false, so as the index and table gets built, equality is harder to come by...

Anyone know how to make this work? 

Was searching the forums for this...thanks!  GenerateMatrix and GenerateEquations - good stuff. 

This seems to only be an issue when the bounds of one parameter are the function of another parameter.  That is, if I do


then the axes are unlabeled. 


Wow, that looks horrible; I thought the Preview Feature was broken, but apparently not.  The code looks cleaner in plain text...



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