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My professional experience 6 years into my career spans most aspects of electronics and electrical design. I've designed around and fixed problems in thermal performance, EMI, flyback power supplies, high voltage (mains) applications, low voltage transducers (CTs and shunt resistors), their analog processing, as well as various forms of FET and BJT drive circuitry.

My goals are to continue to master the fundamentals of good engineering, reliable design, and project management.

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In one case, I have a sequence that starts at zero and increments by 0.1. I enclose it in square brackets to form a list.  I have another list of function values evaluated at these points.  Then, I have a similar sequence that starts at zero, but increments by 0.05.  Again, I evaluate the same function for a total of 4 lists.  Two inputs, two outputs. 

I create a table from these and want to get the data out at, say, 0.2. 



eq := diff(X(t), t) = (X(t)-1)*(1-2*X(t))


Why doesn't "Preview" show me my Maple code?


I have Maple 12, and not MapleSim.  Has anyone stumbled across something that "runs on top" of Maple that is similar to COMSOL Multiphysics that runs on top of MATLab?  I'd like to figure out (without writing the Maple code myself...) how to import some simple 3D geometries and run some (possibly symbolic, probably numeric) simulations of electromagnetic and heat flow phenomena.  COMSOL uses FEM.  Is this something MapleSim could do?  I don't need anything that'll do "real world" geometries (i.e.

When I plot a parametric surface:

S5 := PositionVector([VectorCalculus[`*`](u, v), VectorCalculus[`+`](u, v), VectorCalculus[`+`](u, VectorCalculus[`-`](v))], cartesian[x, y, z])

VectorCalculus[PlotPositionVector](S5, u = VectorCalculus[`-`](1) .. 1, v = VectorCalculus[`-`](sqrt(VectorCalculus[`+`](1, VectorCalculus[`-`](u^2)))) .. sqrt(VectorCalculus[`+`](1, VectorCalculus[`-`](u^2))))

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