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Hi Everyone:

As far as I know maple has no way to define key bindings for it's actions. 

I would however like to be able to navigate around the worksheet using hjkl keys - namely alt+j would be equivalent to down_arrow, and so on. I find that I spend more time reaching for the arrow keys or the mouse than writing useful code (I might be exaggerating slightly here ;) ). I can implement this behavior easily using my window manager (FVWM) - meaning the window...


Consider this trivial (very contrived) example:


b:=Vector([lambda-2, lambda+23]);

subs(lambda=1, a); #works as expected

subs(lambda=1, b); #works as expected

assume(lambda, real);  #seems like this causes a problem
subs(lambda=1, a);  #works as expected

subs(lambda=1, b);  #This substitution does NOT work - lambda stays as 'lambda'

I am using maple 15 on...


I am looking at some experimental data, and am having a funky problem when trying to shift the data. The dummy example below illustrates it. Am I missing something obvious, or can anyone reproduce it?!.. I am usign maple 15 on linux 64-bit.




#some dummy data to illustrate the problem
t:=[seq(i, i=0.000000282900..0.000000303460, 0.00000000004)]:


I am trying to use the Physics package to help me deal with non-commuting operators, but having some problems when trying to simplify expressions.The following should explain what i mean:



# 'a' represents a quantum operator
Physics[Setup](noncommutativeprefix={a}, mathematicalnotation = true);

#we can try to expand to see that a and Dagger(a) do not commute!


Is there a way to change the font size when doing an "export as pdf" from the file menu? It it currently much to big for me (both in plots as well as other text). I use worksheets (not documents) exclusively.



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