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Is it possible to programatically specify which variables are to be skipped and what the ranges should be for others when using the Explore command? I mean as options to Explore.

If not, is this in the future plans?




I am trying to save plots to files in the batch mode (or when running maple from the terminal). The simple code below works fine from the gui interface, but when executed from the terminal, the fonts are not adjusted. I have tried exporting to other formats as well (eps, jpeg). Any ideas how to get around it?? It is problematic for me because I need to produce density plots with large data sets. Ideally I would like to export in the eps format, but these large...

It looks like for me using shift+tab does not work in linux when one selects 1D as the default input notation and is typing in a worksheet. 

Does anyone know where we should submit bug reports for things like this?



I would like to be able to extract data from a plot strucutre. So say I've done:

p:=plot([sin(x), cos(x)],x=0..1, legend=["sin","cos"]):


now I can see the raw strucuture with


but not quite sure how to extract two lists of tuples that contain the data. I would also like to extract the two items in the legend.

Does anyone know how to do that??



I am trying to be able to solve my plots into a file programatically (not via right click/export).

when I do this:


plotsetup(default):  #optional - just to be sure start off at default.
plotsetup(ps, plotoutput="test.eps", plotoptions=`portrait,noborder`);

things work ok

BUT.. doint this:

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