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What is the equivalent of

Shift+Tab = move the cursor to the previous region

on linux?? it is listed as working on windowns/macs but not on linux.

Also is there a way to customize keyboard shortucts? I am a vim user and navigating around a document in maple's gui is really painful (by the way I work in the "worksheet" mode)

thank you.

Using the Physics package I am trying to define commutation rules between operators. However it looks like when the commutator involves a Dagger, it is not "remembered" properly. Here is a (contrived) example (you might have to run it on your machine in case not clear from copy/paste what's going on):


Setup(quantumoperators={a, b, c});


How do I tell maple that some of my variables do not commute with each other?

For example i may have variables a_p and a_m which do not commute with each other, as well as s_x and s_y which also don't commute with each other... but a and s do commute. So basically I want maple to recognize that

a_m * a_p != a_p * a_m


a_m * x_s = x_s * a_m, etc..

... and be able to keep these rules when simplifying expressions.



exponentiating a matrix seems very slow. Consider this:


M:=RandomMatrix(10,10, generator=0.0..1.0):

MatrixExponential(M, -I*t):

the same code takes ~0.1 second in MMA.


I often need to change a few parameters and rerun the whole worksheet. In some cases however, some of the sections should not be executed. Is there a way to quickly comment/uncomment out a given section? If so, how?


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