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thanks for your answer @acer 

I see now. It seems to me like an almost unnecessary limitation of the MatrixExponential function then. At least, as you point out, it would be good to know why such a case fails, and have some sort of error message shown.



i can't imagine him deleting his posts like that!?!... maybe a mapleprimes issue??


One thing I would point out, is that MAPLE does have stochastic equation solving ability - see here:



indeed, thanks.

@Carl Love 

i reinstalled maple and it now works.  No other changes!...    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@Carl Love 

i'm running the version shown below on ubuntu 14.04. In the past i had an issue where i was actually runnign beta version with weird behavior, but i think this should be the released one. 


The long story short is that exporting publication quality, or even just "pretty" plots (especially 3d) in maple is a frustrating experience. As you observed the labels will often get cut off. One long way around this problem is to play with font/plot sizes such that the labels are not cut off - but at a cost of ending up with lots of white space around the plot axes. Then one can save/export to say png, and use external tools to crop the plot image (on linux you can use the "convert" utility with options such as "-crop 1300x1000+160+100" for example). At some stage I also had some luck exporting to eps I think and manually changing some of the text inside the file that governs the sizes of the canvas. 

For best results, however, I recommend basically exporting your data and using other tools for "production" plotting - the sooner one switches the less painful the process becomes. Python might be a good choice - you can just google "plotting with python" to get an idea of what can be done. 

Sadly Maple at this stage is basically at least a decade behind other tools when it comes to exporting plots. Some things that (IMO) might make Maple more competitive in this department would be:
- Fixing the exporting mechanism. This means that exported plots should never have their labels/titles/etc cut off. This also means that exporting should work from the command line (i.e. terminal) interface - right now that is completely broken.
- Adding more sophisticated plot size control, where one can fix the size of the plot axes, regardless of the size of the labels/title. 
- Starting to suport the ability to export grids of plots. Matplotlib is a nice example where this is done well; it is trivial to create complex plot structures (see here for example).
- Adding latex support (this is unlikely to happen but would be incredibly useful).

... but to get these things in place, one would probably need a major overhaul in the Maple plotting internals, so I realize it's unlikely to happen. 


good find!

might be worth while submitting a but report about this.


thanks for your answer Tom. In my case the display is 14 inch... so perhaps you can imagine how tiny everything gets. I have a feeling many more users will run into this, as the resolution on many laptops skyrockets.

@Carl Love 

thanks for your asnwer Carl.

Yes, I've been doing this kind of a thing. Note that just chaning the plot size, is really not good enough to work. One has to change all the fonts, label sizes, linewidth, etc as well. Othwise one has a big plot wher the "information" on it is barely visible.

As someone already also pointed out, when priting/exporting worksheets one has to "change back" to something more reasoanble. 

On top of this, plots are just one thing... for me the text in maple's menus are tiny - very hard to see.

It would be nice if maple had a more reasonable scaling implemented in its GUI.

I will second the other opinions - for me there is MUCH too much white space (and scrolling) and the default text is too small. 


that is excellent - thanks or that. It's really very useful when I stare at long expressions all day, and can with a quick glance know what my "variables of interest" are doing (see attached example screenshot).

In my (current) case, Q__T(t) vs Q__T(s) does not come up; everything is dependent on t only.  

Re: your "wishlist"... all good potential improvements if you ever have the time. A couple more I'd add to the list, would be:
(4) handling of "table" variables, as in Q[T](t)
(5) adding an option to show the variables in "bold" typeface - this would make the "special" variables even more distinguishable from rest.

... but like I said, for me this is already very useful. Thanks!

@Carl Love 


well in my case, even just coloring symbols would be better than nothing. 

The only worksheets i've seen that have this are ones that use the physics package - hence my question. 

Here is a dummy example (you can just run this in a maple worksheet):




a+b; #a is now a different color



yup you're right, just noticed that - thanks!

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