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I am exploring the Grading package in Maple, and I want to create a random question about limits. (Question 9). Any ideas for the correct code? Thank you


Hi, I am working on an activity about conic sections, but I have a small issue with the display of the ellipse and the circle. My outlines are not complete. Any ideas on how to identify my error? Thanks  SectionsConiquesTest.mw


Hi, I am creating an activity to illustrate various rotations around different axes. My goal is to enhance the display by showing the axes (one portion as a dashed line and the other as a vector) and to insert the texts (Ox, Oy, Oz) in an optimal manner. Any ideas to optimize the rendering? Thank you.



I want to illustrate the intersection between The ellipsoid   "x^2/4 + y^2/9 + z^2/16 = 1"and the plane  "z = 3"

Normally, I should obtain an ellipse G1, but its graph does not match the graph obtained ? Thanks for your ideas



Hi, I'm trying to add the display of graphs G1, G2, and G3 (representing the intersections -AnimCompl file-) to my three animations (G5Ex2-file). I've tried using the background option and the display command, but without success. Thank you for your help.



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