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How to insert a condition in the final graph to display the parabola, its vertex, the axis of symmetry, and the roots (if they exist), and only display the parabola, the vertex, and its axis of symmetry otherwise. Thank you for your insights



I am looking to integrate this LaTeX code into Maple...Any ideas? Thanks

\begin{tikzpicture} \tkzTabInit{$x$ / 1 , $f(x)$ / 2}{$-\infty$, $-5$, $-3$, 0, $+\infty$} \tkzTabVar{-/ $-\infty$, +CD-/ $0$/ $2$, +D+/ $0$ /$0$, -V-/ $-2$ / $3$, +/ $+\infty$} \end{tikzpicture}


I have a small issue when trying to calculate the I have assigned 'g' to the derivative function, but I have to use 'subs' to obtain the images. Thank you for your insights


Hello, I'm trying to automate a series of priority calculation exercises. I have a problem with the "/" and " " division symbols. The "Parse" command only accepts "/" .Thanks for your insights


Hi, how can I apply classic geometric transformations (rotation, scaling, reflection, etc.) to an imported photo? For example, with this image


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