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Hi, I'm looking to create a series of random exercises on square roots for my students with two objectives: Simplify square roots and rationalize the denominator. Here's my scenario: I'm using the properties of the table to display the question and its solution, and generate a PDF with a good layout. I have two issues with the code: I don't want to display the '*' symbol when using "Parse" for "ex1" and "ex2," and I want only one denominator to be displayed for "Sol2." Thank you very much for your insights




How to generate a random operation from [+,x,-]?



I am looking for a simple code to generate random magic squares (with the sum of integers) of dimensions 4x4 or 5x5.

Thank you


I am looking for a code to randomly generate 10 equations (powers and radicals) of this type. Any ideas? Thank you.

Hi, I'm looking to create a discovery activity to introduce the cosine . Any ideas for using Maple components with a slider to vary the position of a point on a line while displaying distances and their ratios? Thank you


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