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I am building some procedures to animate trigonometric functions, but the procedure H with the tangent function does not produce the expected result. Maybe I have overlooked a detail? Thank you for your insights.AnimationCercleTrigoFonctiTrigo.mw

Hi, When I associate the function j with a random expression, its derivative does not follow. I imagine that I have forgotten something in my initial assignment. Any hints? Thanks



I'm looking for a harmonized layout for my weighted probability trees. Are there any possibilities to improve this code?




I am testing a graph with the annotation option. In example.1, When I hover over the curve of 'f,' the expression appears instead of the name.

Ideas ? thanks



I can build my trigonometric circle, but I want to display irrational values ( instead of decimal values) in the tickmarks option. ideas? P.S : My code is quite long, because I wanted to display amplitudes in an optimal way.


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