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I want to create graphical charts, but I'm having trouble with the Tabulate command. Any ideas? Thank you.



I want to create two value tables for the functions: the first one with the values (and that's okay), but I want to display a second one that would be blank (without the outputs-Only the first row and first column should be displayed- ). Any ideas? Thanks



I am creating a random question about the trigonometric form of a complex number. My correction code does not accept all possible amplitudes for the argument (for example, it does not accept 13Pi/6 for an argument of Pi/6). Any ideas on how to fix the code?



I am exploring the Grading package in Maple, and I want to create a random question about limits. (Question 9). Any ideas for the correct code? Thank you


Hi, I am working on an activity about conic sections, but I have a small issue with the display of the ellipse and the circle. My outlines are not complete. Any ideas on how to identify my error? Thanks  SectionsConiquesTest.mw

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