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@mmcdara  Thanks for this idea.

There is a way to have the fractional form for the X elements ?


@Kitonum  I thought about this solution. But I try to vary the values of V. negative and positive elements. Thanks

@Kitonum  I want to generate "probabilities" values..so , only positive values?

Ideas ? Thanks

@Carl Love 

Finally, it’s better with InertForm package


@mmcdara @Carl Love

Thank you for your informative feedback. My basic idea is purely didactic: Generate to my students different statistical series in which, the first column, represents the notes obtained during an exam


@Carl Love  Great ! Thanks

@Carl Love  Thanks for reaction.

See my worksheet


@Kitonum  great !


How to have only different integers in the first column ? thanks

@nm  How to have only different integers in the first column ? thanks

@acer Thanks for the idea. The InertForm:-Display command is very convenient. I didn’t know it

@Carl Love , Thanks for your response..

But i don't understand the variable 'choices' ? it must replace the variable choice?



@Carl Love 

Thanks for your idea..

Now, I want to display 5 different choices. i try with Randomize()  but this option don't display always different choices ?




Thanks for the help. Using the code of the Mathapp is exactly the goal of my approach (for not to reinvent the wheel;)) Is there a way to generalize the process for a series of existing Math app in the software?

@tomleslie  Thanks !

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