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These are questions asked by jaytreiman

I tried to use multiple light sources with transparency for 3D plots and could not get it to work.  There are indications in the plot,structure help that this is supposed to be possible.  I have attached a worksheet that demonstrates some of the problems with the "light" and "LIGHT" options for 3D plotting.  Much of the output has been removed since the graphics take so much space.  The same plots are generated in both Windows and Linux.

Does anyone...

I was writing problems about the bisection method and decided to use the Maple routine Student[NumericalAnalysis][Bisection].  The problem I wrote generates a cubic with all three roots in a somewhat random interval.  Students are then asked to find a root to a given accuracy using the bisection method.  If one does not hit a root, the Student[NumericalAnalysis][Bisection] routine gives the desired answer.

A problem arises when the bisection algorithm...

For at least two years we have been having trouble with the Java scripts in MapleTA and SSL.  Is there anyone who is successfully running MapleTA on linux with SSL enabled?

Unfortunately MapleSoft technical support has been unable to help us.


Basic notes:

1)  Without SSL everything runs well.

2)  Even with the firewall turned off, the java applets load very slowly in Windows and not at all in Linux.  (Java works on the linux machines since the applets run when SSL is turned off.)

Help!  Is anyone using MapleTA authentication with the LDAP on SUN serves.  It requires a two step authentication that I do not understand.  It would be helpful if someone has an example of how this is done.

I cannot install MapleTA 2.51 with SUSE 10.1. It gives the same errors as I see in the forum for Maple 10. The suggested fix for installing Maple 10, commenting out the "export LD..." line, only leads to a new install error. It says that a ".Z" file is not a gzip file. Has anyone installed MapleTA 2.51 on SUSE 10.1 successfully?
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