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These are questions asked by jbuddenh

When I try:


I get:

Error, (in Statistics:-Sample) invalid input: expected distribution or algebraic expression with random variables, but received X

What am I doing wrong?

> S:=-1/2*((-30*sqrt(3)+81*I)^(2/3)+21+2*sqrt(3)*(-30*sqrt(3)+81*I)^(1/3)-6*(-30*sqrt(3)+81*I)^(1/3)+I*sqrt(3)*(-30*sqrt(3)+81*I)^(2/3)-21*I*sqrt(3))/(-30*sqrt(3)+81*I)^(1/3);

When I enter


a not much simpler expression involving arctan is output
but when I enter


the expected simplification to the number


is output.

This is not a but report, just a report of curious behavior.

I am using Maple 2016 on a Windows 10 PC.



How can I get maple2016 to simplify sqrt(3579757) to 151*sqrt(157) ?

I should be able to use F3 to break into a multline nested loop and insert a new line of code, and then F4 to close it up again before execution.  The F4 works for closing things up.  But the F3 does NOT work.  Is this a known problem?  Is there another way to do it short of a lot of cutting and pasting?

Here is my Maple 16 code:

 I expected to get outuput

a [a,b,c]

a [a,c,b]

But I get no output.





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