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Hello friends,


I am using MAPLE 14. I have the following problems. I would like to plot the sequence of points "ww", and the constant funcion  (ordenate) 1/3.  The plot of my commands is ok in terms of the "spirit" of the output, but I would like

1. That in the abscisa appears values larger than 10..say  50.

2. The (horizontal)  line of the constant funcion 1/3 = function of (n)  is thinner (in the current output, this line is too thick).

Dear friends,


I have to generate several pages of tables with numbers (using the option Matrix in Maple) and to write them in Latex.

Is there some option to be able to include  titles of the tables, names of the columns, notes on the bottom of the pages?


I saw some question like this in mapleprimes, but it was time ago that I wonder that now maybe the Latex Output of Maple has improved.


Thanks for your attention,

Dear friends,

I generate a table for n=1 to 3.

Matrix(  [ seq ( [n, n^2], n=1..3)]);

I would like to generate the same kind of a table for values of n= 1 to 3, 50, 100  and 1000.

How may I do it?


Thanks in advance for your help.



Hello friends,

I would like to obtain the "n" for which the second column reaches its maximum and minimum (in the case of my example below, n= 5, 11 and 17 (for -10) and n = 8 and 14 (for 10))


Matrix([  seq([ n,round(10*sin(n)),round(10*cos(n))], n=1..20)]  );

How can I do that?


Thanks a lot for you attention,



A small question:

When I send the following command, I can see the matrix of 10 x 2:

Matrix( [seq( [ n , sum( evalf(1/(n+1)), k=(1/3*n)..(2/3*n) )], n= 1..10)]);


However, when I want to evaluate for  n=1..50.. I cannot see any numbers but only a description of a matrix.

How may I can I see the matrix for n=1..50?


Thanks a lot for your attention,



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