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These are questions asked by jean-jacques

Dear friends,

Here a toy version of my problem. I would like  to write several equations and to export all of them to latex. It consist

in three steps


FIRST  I would like to generate for





the equations(for all the combinations of j1, j2 and j3):


assume(a>0, b>0, c>0, d >0, Qs >0):


j1*a + j2*b + j3*c + k/d*X1 = Q1

Hi e-friends,

I want to minimize a function subject to a set of S restrictions.

The restrictions are related to matrices V, W, X and Y:


V = [v1, .., vS]  order L x S

W = [w1, .., wS] order L x S


X = [x1, .., xS]  order LxS

Y = [y11,.. yS] order L x S


How may I write in MAPLE in compact form  the following S inequalities (for any arbitrary integers L and S)?. ...



When I multiplify some terms like




I get a long expression. Nevertheses, I would like to rearrange first according to the power of k (in other cases, according to n). Is there some command to rearrange my polynomials?


Thanks for you attention,








I found in the help a reference that animation in uniparametric:

"plots[animate] - create a 2-D or 3-D animation on one parameter".

I need multiparametric animate. If it does not would be difficult to find somewhere the procedure written to get ANIMATE( for one parameter)?. If available, maybe it would be hard but possible to get something that performs a multiparametric animate.

Otherwise, if somebody knows that in MAPLE is impossible to implemente...

Dear Maple helpers. Here a toy-version of my huge problems.


I want to do following:


1). Assuming (0 <a=1/2,  b=1/2, c=1/2)


I want  to plot (the surface of)  


f(x,y,z) = x^a * y^b * z^c   in the space (x,y,z) for

f(x,y,z)=50, 100 and 150, and with  x=0..40 ,  y=0..40, z=0..40


I tried with plot3d but it is not possible.  How could I do with Maple 14?...

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