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Dear friends,


A simplified version of my problem now is the following. I need to represent the contourplot in the plan (x,y)  of a conditional double sum:


contourplot( sum(  sum(   (i+j)!/k! * (101-j-k)!/(100-k)!    , j=0..1), k= 0..100), x=0..0.5, y=0..0.5)


where the sum runs under the condition that (j,k) satisfies  (  x+j*y+(1-x-y)/100*k >= 0.5  and  j*y+(1-x-y...



Here a simplified version of my problem.  I want to evaluate the double sum


sum(  sum( k+j, k=0..5), j=1..8);


But I would like to compute the sum only when  the condition    15  >=  k^2  +  j  >= 3  holds.


How can I include that restriction?


Thanks for your help,



Hello dear friends

I have two realted questions

1. How may I generate   a table  n x 4, where in each rows appears

[    n   |   n^2  |   n!  |  n^2 -n!    ]  for n= 1..5 ?


2. How may I export to the previous table/matrix/arrange  to LATEX?


Thanks a lot for the help,



When I write




I get  3.14159...


But, when I want to visualize the value  "e", after writing 




I get       e .



Why I cannot see the digits of "e"?

Did I instal not properly my Matlab14.0?




Hello friends,

When I solve the optimization problem with restriction (below):


NLPSolve( ln(x1) +ln(x2+5), {x1 +x2 <=4}, assume = nonnegative);

       [x1 = HFloat(0.0), x2 = HFloat(0.8333333333333334)]]


I get the expression  "-Float(infinity)"..

What do Float(infinity) and  HFloat(0.833333) mean?

Thanks for the attention,

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