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Hello Maple wizards,

After reading the mapleprimes post http://www.mapleprimes.com/posts/36097-Add-Map-And-Seq on the hidden complexities of using thread-safe versions of add (Threads:-Add), I have been struggling to correct a problem similar to the "escaped k" problem described by Joel Riel...

Hi wizards,

I've recently migrated some Maple-based research to an 4-way AMD 64-bit system running Linux Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala). installed Maple 11.02, and thanks to previous forum posts I was able to resolve the blank document window problem, and was able to install a version of libstc++.so.5 that is required by NLPSolve in this version of Maple. Although I picked it up in a forum that claimed to distinguish between 32-bit 64-bit versions, it looks like I'm not out of the woods yet. In response to an Optimize call, Maple returned

Hello Maple wizards,

I'm trying to use numapprox[infnorm] to locate the L-infinity norm of functions such g(y) on the range 0.0..1.0 at the bottom of this post. Plotting shows that the function has an range of width 10e-3 that contains a minimum near y=0.9965, but infnorm() doesn't find it unless the range is artifically constrained to be close to the minimum.  I'm using infnorm() in a proc's loop, so manual control of the range based on the graph is not an appealing option.

Hello, I'm trying to numerically integrate the attached integrand for x from zero to one with high precision. When I get to software floating point (15 digits or higher), the Maple server goes beserk allocating memory, and loses its connection to the Maple application. I have tried different methods (_Sinc, _Dexp, _CCquad, _Gquad) and in each case I have to terminate Maple. The "_d01" methods terminate without giving an answer.

Hi folks, I'm using the IntegralTools(Change) function to change the variables of integration in a double integral to lower the order of a polynomial under a radical prior to integration (praise to Axel!). The result contains exponents under the radical and in the limits of integration that seem to defy Maple's numerical integration routines. (Sorry for not using HTML! I tried to present in 2D math, but the preview post omitted the math entirely. Just paste it into a worksheet to convert this text mess into a mathematical one.) Int(70871722182849/100000000000000000*Int((20.6066600725-0.164853280580e-1*sqrt(1.562500*(RealDomain[`^`])(10, 6)+7.58249999999*(RealDomain[`^`])(10, 6)*(RealDomain[`^`])(xi[2], 99999999999999939/100000000000000000)-3.35631780000*(RealDomain[`^`])(10, 7)*(RealDomain[`^`])(xi[1], .10000000000000)*(RealDomain[`^`])(xi[2], 99999999999999939/100000000000000000)+9.19908900000*(RealDomain[`^`])(10, 6)*(RealDomain[`^`])(xi[1], .20000000000000)+9.19908899998*(RealDomain[`^`])(10, 6)*(RealDomain[`^`])(xi[2], 99999999999999939/50000000000000000)+7.58250000000*(RealDomain[`^`])(10, 6)*(RealDomain[`^`])(xi[1], .10000000000000))+50.0000000000*(RealDomain[`^`])(xi[1], .10000000000000)+50.0000000000*(RealDomain[`^`])(xi[2], 99999999999999939/100000000000000000))*(RealDomain[`^`])(xi[2], 0.70163004961021e-1), xi[1] = (RealDomain[`^`])(c, 1000) .. (RealDomain[`^`])(d, 1000))/(RealDomain[`^`])(xi[2], 99929128277817151/100000000000000000), xi[2] = (RealDomain[`^`])(a, 100000000000000000/70871722182849) .. (RealDomain[`^`])(b, 100000000000000000/70871722182849))
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