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Hello, Earlier this year I reached an impasse with Maple's numerical integration package over the need for a high-resolution (say 50 or more digits) evaluation of multiple integrals for a Bayesian statistics application. An integral such as sqrt(1.+4.852800000000*chi[2]^1411+5.887416960000*chi[1]^200+4.852800000000*chi[1]^100+5.887416960000*chi[2]^2822-21.48043392000*chi[1]^100*chi[2]^1411) over a rectangular range like chi[1]=0..0.9999,chi[2]=0..0.9999999 would return unevaluated. Infolevel[`evalf/int`] explained that the methods available in Maple would not return the required precision. But the problem persisted even when I swallowed my pride and settled for 12 digits of precision. Stuck as I am, I haven't even tried to present the problem to Maple in higher dimensions.
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