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These are questions asked by john2

I have a piecewise function which I want to curve fit automatically in Maple. The conditions are:

  • The new smooth curve must have the same area.
  • The new curve mus start and end at the same location.

An image of this is shown below. How can I do this in Maple?

Image Link:

I have a function in maple with one variable (say f=2*x). I would like to generate a nx2 matrix with the variable (x) in the first column from 0 to 100 and the function value (f) in the second column. I would then like to export this numerical data. How can I do this in Maple?

I have a function with one variable which I would like to plot the Kurtosis (statistical term) of (for a specific range). The purpose is to produce a plot which will show the 'peakiness' of the curve.

Say y = x^3 + 2*x^2 + 3*x;

For the range, say x = 0..10, I would like to plot the kurtosis (Maple function is also called Kurtosis). I have been able to do this numerically with a matrix of data but am unsure how to do this in Maple.

Your assistance is much appreciated.

I have a piecewise function which I require to be transformed to a fourier series.

The function to be transformed is:

         velocity:=piecewise(t<=6, 3*sin(t*Pi/6), t>6, 0);

How can I change this to a fourier series in a simple manner.


Thanks for your advice.

I am interested to know how the find the maximum value in a function of f(x,t) over an interval {x=a..b, t=c..d}. I have searched this forum and the web and can not find anything to do it.

I have plotted the function and can visually see the maximum, however, although I have tried many methods I can not calculate the maximum value.

Any assistance would be appreciated. If possible, I would also like to calculate the mean and minimum value for the function.

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