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Hey Joel,


this is one model that is working, but it should include roational and translational parts connecting all horizontal masses.

Hopefully you can find my mistake.


Thank you very much. 

Hey Joel,

thank you very much. Your answer helped me a lot. Althouhg now I am able to include the rotational springs, my system doesnt work now. Maybe you can help me another time.

The whole systems consists of four masses. Two are connected with the ground by a translational spring. Between those two the rest is positioned and all are connected by a combination of translational springs(prismatic joint) and a rotational spring (revolute). I assumed the material and the mass properties like weight and height. With those information I calculated the spring constant and damping constant and filled it into the property parts of each component.

Unfortunately the programm says : (in dsolve/numeric/RunSimulation) initialization failed.  Please verify initial data.

I tried building it again step by step. And it works as long as there is no connection between the second horizontal spring and the rest of the system.

Thank you for your help!



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