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These are questions asked by killercatfish


So I am trying to write a nifty little program to show that for any x^n Leibiz method of dividing the area under the curve into rectangles of base r,r^2,r^4... so on, can this be done?



How do I do this?  I want it to go from say real to natural and specify the function after.  I would like to be able to do this so I can graph and find specific outputs.




Can I get maple to give me a hint as to what test for convergence to use with infinite series?



Is there a way to ask Maple to kindly do this for me?  Perhaps if there is can the kind sir show me the steps?


How about something simple, r=sin(theta)-Pi.


I ask because I did this one by hand and maple would not implicitily plot it for me!



Just wondering what the easiest way is to extract data from an excel spread sheet so that it can be used as data in a maple worksheet.  For that matter, what other database programs can I use with maple?





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