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These are questions asked by killercatfish

What is the best way to print a maple file?  It seems that a lot of white space is added when making an html file.  Also it scrambles in a ton of strange symbols when its in a pdf, Im just trying to figure out how to print a 3 or 4 page maple worksheet without it printing on 20 pages!



Can I have maple show me the steps it takes to integrate?  Is this possible?



Is there a way to change the background color of a plot viewing area different from the white?




So I have read (correctly?) that I can create an object with maple?

How do I go about that?  Just a push in the right direction, im not looking to do anything crazy at this moment, just an object with an array of numbers, some variables also with meaningful information.

Am I headed in the right direction investigating modules?



Inside a Proc() that I am writing I cannot do the following:


where b is a number and intercepts is an array of size greater then or equal to b+1.  My confusion is that that same concept works outside of a Proc.. Am I missing something?





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