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These are questions asked by killercatfish

So I was searching the net and such for and idea of how to do this, i found:

The first example is pretty self explanitory, now my question is for more complicated functions is there a maple method to do this quicker, or do i have to do the beat it with a stick method?



I like to use the:

interface(verboseproc = 2)

to see whats going on in the calculations.  My question is how can I then see further in, I am trying to see how maple calculates the mean, median and standard deviation,

if I print(describe) it shows me the if statement for choosing which to function to run, but the next step I am stuck.

for example, I want maple to print out what it does when I type describe[mean](array)



thanks in advance.



I was wondering if there was an even quicker, niftier way in maple to copy a whole bunch of executions from one place to another in a maple worksheet?


Perhaps something like cp(2,14) where that would copy lines 2 - 14 right where the command was written?



Ive posted in the past about this, or similar, and it seems neither here or out on that scary www is there one person who knows and is willing to help.

Could someone either explain in better detail, or point me in the direction of better assistance as to how to compile even the simple OpenMaple Java sample supplied in the Help of Maple 11. 

I have tried and failed, I know java, but once I had to start changing global variables of my system I started getting nervous. 

So I write this as a function: zurflu14 := t->A*exp(-k*t); now I want the same thing with the derivative but doesnt seem to work.. dzurflu14 := t->diff(zurflu14(t),t); I have tried it many ways, what am i missing? I want the same functionality to evaluate at any value. Thanks in advance!
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