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Some time after I start using Maple 13 I notice that the scroll bar on the right is choppy. I also notice similar issues when I plot a 2D graph with the plot and the scroll bar becoming choppy. Could this be a computer memory problem? I am using Maple 13 on Windows XP with 1.25GB RAM. Thanks in advance !!

Please help me with function mapping.

I want to map 1/x over the list [2,6,8]. 

Thanks in advance !!

how can I find the average of numberrs in a list. For example, I want to find the average of [4,6,8]. Thanks!

How can I apply the function sin(x) to a list of numbers [4,6,Pi]? Thanks in advance!

I want to shade the region bounded by the curves x^2 and x^3 from x=0..1. Could you please help me with this. Thanks in advance!!

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