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These are questions asked by kpassi

The font I get in Maple 12 when I use it on Windows XP is, for lack of a better word, thin. Can I make the font a bit more readeable? Thanks in advance.

I am interested in finding out, just curious,  how many registered users does Mapleprimes have. Thanks!

Why is "unapply" used to create functions out of solutions to equations? Thanks in advance !

I am planning on using Maple 12 on my MacBook (Macintosh). According to Maplesoft home page,  one of the requirements is that   Java™ Runtime Environment 1.4.2 or higher should be installed on the MacBook. How can I check this on my MacBook and if I don't have this installed where can I get it ? Thanks !! and a happy new year!!

I currently run Maple 10. I am a math teacher in a public school. Do you think I will benefit from upgrading to Maple 12? Any cool features?

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