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I am trying to create a do loop to generate y values from a series of vectors containing the x's. In the end, I will be exporting this data to Excel, so I want to put it into a Vector.

My problem is that sometimes I have 11 x's and sometimes I only have 9 x's.

observed := rtable(1 .. 2, 1 .. 3)
for k from 1 to 2 do 
for j from 1 to 3 do 
observed[k][j] := evalf(subs(HK[1] = C1[k, 1...


I'd like to take the second derivative of the following function (see below), but I keep ending up with an

Error, (in content/polynom) general case of floats not handled

The range of the equation that I want to look at is from 0 to 1 and I know that it "blows up" around 0.09 for EQ1 but not EQ2.

The commands that I've tried are diff(%,FIO2) and Diff(%,FIO2).  I'm probably missing something obvious, so hopefully someone can tell me...


I'm currently using a gridded search to find a global minimum.  I have 4 parameters which results in a really large search size (100 steps per parameter).  In order to reduce my computation time, I'd like to use a gradient search instead.  Does anyone have any code?




I am attempting to do a least squares regression with two variable (HK and S) generating my curve.  The equations are extremely tempermental and won't allow maple to solve them using normal methods, so I'm resorting to numerical methods to minimize the least squares.

I am attempting to create a dataset that I can search for the minimum of "k" and have it tell me what "i" and "j" values I used to get there.  The code below is the basic idea, the...


I would like the title of my y axis to say "SaO2 (%)".  When I put in "SaO[2] (%)" the output is SaO[2] (%); However, when I put in SaO[2] (%) the output is "SaO2 PLOT (...) "  How can I get both parts correct (i.e., the subscript of the 2 and the displaying of the percent sign)?



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