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Hey guys, I am looking for a way to translate a maple code to matlab with the resultnames of codegeneration following a rule set by the loop. I tried a few ways, including with printf in the result name but no success.

Basically I need the resultname variables to be KNL(1,1) or KNL[1,1]. It doesn't let me do the way I put in the sheet, it renames the variable automatically.

Please see the sheet attached

Thanks in advance!!




A := RandomMatrix(6, 6)

Matrix(%id = 18446746689673050582)



for ii to 6 do for jj to 6 do Matlab(A[ii, jj], resultname = KNL[ii, jj]) end do end do

cg = 67;




Hey guys, 

Is there any way to remove these imaginary parts of the numbers ?

I tried using the RealDomain package in beginning of code but it starts showing some Float(undefined) numbers and I don't understand why since none of the terms inside the sqrt are negative.

Thanks in advance.

Download Reforç

Hey guys, I'm a new Maple user and I've been struggling to figure the collect command out.

I made a smaller example to show what I am looking for

I want to find out a way to use collect command and go from "c" output to "d", choosing the terms I want to be collected as common factors.

I'm also uploading the files if it's of any help, The one called question is the example in the picture above and final objeticve is the big expression that I`m trying to factor.

In the final objective file I'm looking for a way to make the "i" output be factored like this as:

Wi δ Wi (...) + Wi δ Wf (...) + Wi δ θi (...) + Wi δ θf (...) + Wf δ Wf (...) + Wf δ Wi (...) + Wf δ θi (...) + Wf δ θf (...) + ...


Thanks in advance




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