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Thank you, @acer!! 

Second way is very simple.. Resultname just makes it more complicated in that case!! 

That will save me a lot of time and typing lol

@acer, I was running version 2019.0, I updated to 2019.1 short after I answered @tomleslie above. I am getting the same result as he did now. I guess it was probably a bug with the unupdated version I had

@tomleslie, that's weird.. No idea why that happens.. I redownloaded the sheet you uploaded and re-executed the entire sheet and got answer different of yours indeed.. 

Thank you, @Carl Love !! Worked like a charm. Upvoted and choosen as best answer.


Thank you, again!!

Thank you very much, @acer!!

Thats precisely what I am looking for, I figured it would indeed be very hard to stop the terms from automatically grouping, but your solution already helps me a lot.

I was doing collect two times to choose the terms I wanted to common factor, but this already gives me all the cases I need.

If I need in the future to add more variable, all I need to do is add them in the "L" array ?

Hi, Tom. Thanks for your reply.

I see what you mean, I just typed it like that to show what I wanted.

Do you have any tips about the final objetctive file ? I wanna know how to factor the choosen terms.

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