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While I was solving a set of equation using solve function in maple 17, I got a long list of solution set. I want that solution whose components sum to 1. How to extract that solution.

e.g. solve({b[1] = 0, b[2] = 0, b[3] = 0, b[4] = 0, b[5] = 0, b[6] = 0}, {gamma[1], gamma[2], gamma[3], gamma[4], gamma[5], gamma[6]}); where b[i]=0 is a linear equation interms of gamma[1], gamma[2], gamma[3], gamma[4], gamma[5] and gamma[6].

When I use fsolve in place of solve the program was running endlessly.

How to find the integral int(-2*log((1+sqrt(s))/(1-sqrt(s)))/((-s^2+1)*(s-1)*sqrt(s)), s = 0 .. z)

Dear Maple experts

I want to find the co-efficient for z^k of G(t,z)=sum_i=1^infty a_i(t) z^i where z is a function of t.



I want to solve the following equation


in terms of theta.

i.e theta=[f(phi)].

In Maple , if i will take a particular value of (eta) then I am getting 11 solutions 5 -ve and 6 +ve. But I want to get the solution as a function of (eta), so that taking different values of (eta) I will get different solutions as a sequence.
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