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I have the following equation, I want to solve it for b keeping a and c fixed.


How to solve it in maple?




I have the following expression  f(t)=0.342 Dirac(t)+6.352 exp(-4t)+.0981 exp(-3.056t)  I want to convert it to a piecewise function of the form given below

 f(t)=0.342  if t=0

 f(t)=6.352 exp(-4t)+.0981 exp(-3.056t)      if t>0


when I applied                     convert(f(t),piecewise,t)

 I need help to plot  a sequence of the form given in the attachment below     



Given f(0)=.9996227171873666421850099370279559699139150588529262999972424126225010232473280487452608765415854234


then how to plot the function in Maple 12 


How to plot           f(n)=1/6                          if n=0

                                 =f(0).(1-a).a^{n-1}   if n=1,2,...  where 'a' is a given constant...

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