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Hello there,

Im using this code


> with(ExcelTools);

> L := Import("C:\parameters15.xlsx", "Sheet1", "A2:I2");
and I keep getting :     Error, (in ExcelTools:-Import) Could not open the file.
What are the possible reasons for this? I have triple checked the file name, location and extension. It's all good.

Hello all,

I ran this code a few weeks ago and it worked perfectly.. but now that I try it.. it says 'too many levels of recursion' on maple 14 and 'lost connection to kernel' on maple 15. Can someone give me a hint as to what is going on?

I have also attached the file :  allslopes2.mw

Any help is really appreciated



Can someone tell me why sprintf wont work in this situation?



Hello all,

Im trying to apply the working of the algorithm shown below to a more complex one(attached). The simple algorithm produces separate spreadsheets for different values of j. In the attached algorithm Im trying to produce different spreadsheets for different values of 'angle1'. I have applied the same structure but with no success. 


Can someone please have a look at my code and point me to my mistake?

Any help is really appreciated

Consider the simple loop below:
> for q  from 1 by 1 to 12 do;
> if inter[q] <= B then xz[q] := inter[q] end if;
> end do;
inter[1] to inter[12] is defined previously
B is also calculated beforehand.
My problem is that Maple insists on looking for inter[13] and xz[13]. My range is between 1 and 12 so Maple shouldnt be doing this.
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