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If you define an array with entries from 1..10 and you want to plot these entries but with three different plots, e.g. entry 6 and 7, and again entry 10 shall be plotted separately: plot entries 1,2,3,4,5,8,9 in the same way, but entries 6,7 in a second and entry 10 in a third way. For example with different colors.

Is there a command for this?

When you label a function of curve, this label is put just next to it. Is there a way to move this label to another position of the same curve?

How do you move plot labels individually? Just click-hold-and-drag does not work.

"A Virtual 3D Solar System":

How do you color the orbits individually?

How do you plot different kinds of data simultaneously in one graph? E.g. surfdata and spacecurve?


How do you plot a list of values/an array into a surface?


t = [seq(0+i*(2*evalf(Pi)*(1/10)), i = 0 .. 10)]

x:=[3,4,2*evalf(Pi), 7.83]:



plot3d([x[i]*cos(t), x[i]*sin(t), y[i]*cos(t-z[i])],-10..10,-10..10);



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