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Please see the attached Maple 12 file. I need help in entering and solving this type of polar coordinates.

Any help will be appreciated greatly




I'm going nuts trying to get the commands(code) to solve the following two problems:

Problem 1 Verify that the given function is a solution of the initial value problem.

y:=x^2*(1+ln(x));       y'':=(3*x*y-4*y)/(x^2                      y(e)=2e^2        y'(e)=5e


Hi, Separation of variables has been driving me nuts again, By applying the method of separation of variables solve: ux + uy =0 Separate the variables: fp1 := diff(u(x, y), x) = -(diff(u(x, y), y)); pdsolve(fp1, u(x, y)); u(x, y) = _F1(y - x) is this the correct solution? u(x,y):= _F1(y-x) If it is, what is the _F1? If it is not the solution can someone explain the correct solution to me? Regards malt
Hi, When I open maple and start a session I load a number of packages. For example: with(...) with(..) Now, when I open a new worksheet/file in the same session, do I have to reload the packages? TIA Larry Ciak
Hi, Again I'm hearing voices! I have beat myself to death and have found the end of the internet in my search for help on the solutions to String deflection problems: I need to find u(x,t) for the following: Initial velocity = 0, a small k = 0.01, L=1 c^2 = 1 Problem 1 k*(sin(2*Pi*x) ; #Problem 2 k*(sin(Pi*x)-1/3*sin(Pi*3*x)); The second problem is a homework problem. The first is a problem I want to do to see how this works, but I can't grasp the idea. The problems are from the 9th Ed of Kreyszig AEM. (Great for proofs, short on examples)
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