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i try to use your code (i mean other way )   that give to me but it doesnot work. it give x[c] and y[r] at label.

i have maple 14 .

could you please help what is the problem?

last answer is wrtten by

It can be done with the labels option (see ?plot/options


I have a problem with plot using maple. I want to plot x_c agaist y_r 

However, i have no idea how to make at label that   y_r  . In other word, i want to make r under y and ignore dash (-) that between y and r

and the same idea for x_c.

could you please help me in this plot label problem?





I have alot of figures but i have problem to convert the figure to latex. when i use export as eps, i get problem that the border of figure become inside the figure and the label of x, y for figure become outside.

when i remove the border of the figure. there is other problem when i convert to latex, the distence between the  figure and my writing very large.

 could you please give...

i have the list of figure that produced by bellow maple.
for i from 0 to 10 do
  y := i/2;
  f := 2*x + y;
  plot( f, x, color=black); od;
i want the value of y print corresspond to  each line  of figure. 
for Example, the first value of y =0 should be  printed  correspond to the first  line and so on.
 Thus, in dispaly plot, each line correspond to its value of y.
could please help me how to do this?


i have a loop as follows

for i from 0 to 10 do
> y:= i/2;
> f:= 2*x+y;
> plot(f,x);
> end
> ;

i want each graph with different color depend upon the value of y. in other mean, for each value of y, the color of the graph is defferent. 

could you help me in this problem?

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