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Why does Maple give me an answer like this?

How do I force Maple to automatically multiply the exponents in the denominator and eliminate the factor y^2?

Simplify will not do it.

Thank you!


I am solving a PDE whose solution is the integrating factor MU of a given 1st order ODE. I get

I only need one of these solutions. How do I get rid of _F1? Can I make it to be the identity function? That is exactly what I need.

Thank you, as always!





I cannot get the answer (m=2,n=2) to the following problem on two equations from Maple 13.

(13/4)*m-(7/4)*n-3 = 0,
-(17/2)*n*2^n +34*m= 0

I get:

{m = (7/13)*RootOf(13*_Z*2^_Z-28*_Z-48)+12/13, n = RootOf(13*_Z*2^_Z-28*_Z-48)}

Thank you very much.





Is there a solve(identity ...) command for systems? I have 4 identities in the variable t.
They are Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4. I try solve(identity(Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4),t), A, B, C, D), and other forms of it, but
nothing works.
Thank you!


How do I save these fonts as my default ones?                                

"Maple Input: Arial 24, Red"

and "2D Output: Arial 18, Blue".

I am using Maple 13.

Thank you!


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