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The expression exp(2*t) gives us the number e^(2t). Can we get rid of the parentheses around 2t?
Thank you!



I have 3 given square matrices A, B, C. I would like to print

A*B = C,

where A, B, C are replaced by their values, but the multiplication is not executed.
How do I do it?

Thank you!


Ho do I print this?

A - lambdaI = some matrix

On the left of the equation I have the letter "A" a minus sign, the Greek letter "lambda" and the letter "I" right next to it.
The rest. from "=" on, is math.

Thank you!


How do I define this sequence a(n) in Maple?

a(n) = 1/n for n=odd, a(n) = -1/n^2 for n = even.


I have checked many Maple pages and I found nowhere the answer to this question.

EQ:= s^2-4*s+1=3;

I need to print the following statement:

The Equation Is: EQ

I need the equation to appear where EQ is.

Thank you guys!

I appreciate it.




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