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Good point about the examples in Maple's help.  My biggest complaint with Maple is not the help per se, but the search ability of the help.  For example, say you are new to maple and you want to do just about the simplest thing you could want to do with a CAS, define a function.  So you open up the Maple help and type in: function.  You will get about 20 returns, none of which look, by reading the search results section, like they will tell you how to define a function.  So you might (like I did) try to enter: define a function which gets you NO results!  This is the problem, I wish I could set it up so that google could search through the Maple help, I think my complaint would disovle.  There a literally dozens of times I have run into this.  Once I finally do figure out the magic combination to get to where I want, the help is good.



Thank you for your help, now I see how to use the de plots too.  That was another question I had, I think that in general maple has poor help, but you are great!  Exactly what I wanted.

No, I actually meant to square the derivative.  I wish maples documentation was better,  I can find no information on what this error means.  Why is it trying to convert the equation to an explicit first order?  I thought numerical solutions meant don't worry about the symbolic stuff.  Is there an option I can specify so that maple will solve as is?

I see I left out the initial conditions:

ics := y(0) = 0, (D(y))(0) = 0



Works like a charm.  Thanks.

If I am starting a worksheet in which I know I will be using exp a lot, I will begin the worksheet like this:


Then I can do things like



later on in the worksheet without a problem.  I wish maple had the Matlab equivalent of a startup file, where these things could be put in to automatically execute as maple is loaded.

I figured out how to do the above, now I want to do a similar thing. This is how I did the above, > t := solve(x*t(x)+x^3-5, t); > t(3); -22 --- 3 So now I want to do a similar thing with the output from dsolve: > eqn := diff(y(x), x)+c^2*y(x) = 0; print(`output redirected...`); # input placeholder / d \ 2 |--- y(x)| + c y(x) = 0 \ dx / > dsolve(eqn); print(`output redirected...`); # input placeholder / 2 \ y(x) = _C1 exp\-c x/ > y(3); This should give me _C1 exp(-c^2*3) but I do not get this, why?
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