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f := proc (x) options operator, arrow; cos(x)-x*sin(x)+1 end proc

_EnvAllSolutions := true

solutions := [solve(f(x) = 0, x)]



What is up with that solution at zero?  And if this function is plotted, there is clearly a solution at around x=1.3.  Maple does not see this, is there a setting I missed?  Thanks.




Why am I getting this strange result? evalb(sin(1)/cos(1) - tan(1) = 0) gives false but evalf(sin(1)/cos(1) - tan(1)) gives 0 so the evalb should give true. I originally got a result of (sin(x)^3) / (cos(x)^3) in a calculation and asked maple to simplify, expecting tan(x)^3. This led to my investigation of my assumptions about this trig identity. However, for the specific example above, Maple seems to be flat out wrong. Also the boolean returns true if the arg is changed to 0.
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