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These are questions asked by mathstudentdk

How to change this general form to solve :

How to calculate with Maple Fourier coefficients on some numerical valued functions and how to calculate and plot the 3 partial sums :


Function B : on the interval [-phi, phi]

f(x)= NUMERICAL (x – phi/2) + NUMERICAL (x+phi/2)


Function C : on the interval [-phi, phi]

f(x) =  NUMERICAL (x+phi/2)

I enclose Maple general solution to the PDF heat equation in 1 dimention.


I need corrections of it to enable me to calculate the heat equation in certain conditions :

 du(x,t)/dt - d^2/x,t)/dx^2 = ;   t>0, x belongs to interval [0,phi[

with boundary conditions :

u(x,0) = sin(x)cos^2(x) ; x belongs to interval [0, phi)

u(0,t) = 0

u(phi,t) = 0  ;  t is still t>0

On 4th May I submitted Ploting 10 functions to plot mentioning codes with with Mapple.


I got some answers and have managed some additional ones.


Please help with items B, C and D


BR and thanks


What Mapple code for ploting these ten functions ?

Plot these functions. I need urgwent help with these functions :





IF n is uneven E=\sum_{n=[1,infinity]}a=(2/n)

IF n is nevenF=\sum_{n=[1,infinity]}a=(-1/n)



1. For n = 5 plot I=\int e^{\frac{1}{(1+exp((n(2-x))}}
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