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@Carl Love 

Yes it worked. Thanks for your help. 

@Carl Love 

Could you plz tell me what are P, V, t?

@Carl Love 

Sorry if I couldnot make my query clear.

Here is one equation just for example. In below equation there are products of Q and its dervative and i have to calculate the coefficients of same powers  of Qi * dQj/dx for j=0,1 and i=0,1,2...6

ODE:=a2*Q4(x)+a1*Q3(x)+c2*(diff(Q(x), x))*Q2(x)+a0*Q2(x)+d1*(diff(Q(x), x))*Q(x)+d2*(diff(Q(x), x))

@Carl Love 

Thanks for your reply

Actually i have Differential eq with function Q and its derivative Q' and i have to calculate the coefficients of Q'*Q for

dQj /dQ  for j=0,1 and Qi ,    i=0,1,..n

as i have this code for only Q

for i to 6 do E || i := coeff(ODE, Q(xi)^i) = 0 end do; E0 := remove(has, ODE, Q(xi)) = 0

how can i add derivative of Q for j=0,1 in this code. 

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