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I have several nut questions. (1) after I installed maple, there are "classical worksheet maple 10" and "maple 10"? Are they different? which should I use? looks the same, but when i do plot and something else, they work differently? (2) about plot: when I plot a figure, there is always a big blank outside frame. And I want get the eps fig without this blank outside frame, can i do it? this outside frame makes the totoal size of this fig large and I could not arrange the eps files in my paper well. W thanks!!
Hi, I need some help on plot and I am still new. Hope someone can take care of my questions, thanks first! I want to plot a figure. And I want to the x-axis label shows \phi_1; and y-axis label shows \Pi. I want to show them with the subscripts "1 and t" And I want to show the figure title as "V_L=20, \gamma=1". Can maple do this? Thanks a lot!
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