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Is it possible to take the values from a matrix in maple into a spreadsheet in microsoft excel?

if so how do i do this?


I am having a problem differentiating a function. I have a fluid in a channel with moving walls corresponding to y=a(t) (upper wall) and y=-a(t) (lower wall). The fluid is driven by suction out of the walls. The speed of the fluid being sucked out of the walls is the constant v_w. I am using the variable eta=y/a(t) to model the fluid. y is the normal direction to teh channel and x is the streamwise direction of the channel. So I have

x=streamwise direction of the channel

y=normal direction of the channel

a(t)=height of the channel


I have an equation which i have differentiated twice and evaluated at eta=1.
evaluated at 1 we get
This equation is derived by an iteration process. Each time it is iterated we add an extra term where the power of R increases by 1.
I want to write R in powers of (F''(1)+3).
How would i go about doing this with maple?
If it is easier to write

I really need to be able to continue this calculation past nmax=14 but maple just won't do it.
I'd like to take it as far as possible. Does anyone know why maple won't calculate past nmax=14 and
if it can be overcome? Is this too difficult to achieve? I'm completely lost. can anybody help?

> with(LinearAlgebra);
> nmax:=14:
> Order:=nmax+1:

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