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i have a question regarding the Compiler:-Compile Command in Maple12
under linux i got this error message when trying to compile the example:
> y := proc( x :: float ) 2.3 * x end proc:
> cy := Compiler:-Compile( y):
Error, (in Compiler:-Compile) possible installation problem:
GNU C compiler (gcc) not found in your command search
path (PATH). You will need to restart Maple after ensuring that gcc
is installed and adjusting your PATH environment variable.
> cy( 1.1 );
but the compiler is installed in /usr/bin and maple knows the path:
> getenv(PATH);
Hello i wonder whether its possible to solve elliptic pdes numerically in Maple10. I didnt succeed. I have a 2dim. poisson equation with the source term being the output from an other pde, i.e the source term can not be given in closed form so how to integrate this? i always get the message that Maple10 can not solve elliptic pdes Thanks for any ideas
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